Kinodvor is Ljubljana’s main cinema, offering a high-quality and diverse range of films. It is also a festival centre and a lively social meeting place that places great emphasis on the cinema experience, supported by special events, and it links together a variety of people involved in film making and audiovisual or film art.

Student benefits at Kinodvor.

In addition to the diverse and appealing range of films, Kinodvor offers a student discount on admission tickets (EUR 4.50 instead of EUR 5.30). On Mondays Kinodvor has a Dvor Day, when ticket prices are just EUR 3.80. We recommend that film enthusiasts join the Kinodvor Club. Students pay a reduced membership of EUR 10 for a year, and can see films at a reduced price (EUR 3.80), they have the option of reserving tickets, and they get invited to free screenings and enjoy numerous other benefits. On the start of the new academic year we offer a Cinema on Demand, where we will screen a selected film on a chosen date in our separate small theatre for closed groups of up to 10 people.

Kinodvor is an affordable way to be involved in cultural and social life. You can transform a trip to the cinema into your own event by going with a group of friends to the Cinema on Demand, you can have a romantic evening à deux in the cafe, musing about a film you’ve just seen, or you can enjoy a solo escape from the everyday bustle in the dark of the cinema. Let’s go to the movies! 

Contact information:
Telephone: 01 239 22 17