Ljubljana Dance Theatre

Ljubljana Dance Theatre (Plesni Teater Ljubljana) was established in 1984 and played an important part in developing modern dance in Slovenia, while today we are regarded as the country’s main modern dance institution. Each year we stage five new dance productions and a dance debut, and our programme also includes co-production and guest performances. Our programme also includes shows for younger audiences, and we organise education in the area of film and photography in modern dance and in development of audiences.

New Reality festival of dance perspectives. (Photo by Sunčan Stone)

Ljubljana Dance Theatre offers students admission to dance productions, performances and other events in our theatre at reduced student discount prices. We also offer students admission to the UKREP Festival of Dance Perspectives and further education in the form of creative schools of photography and film in modern dance. During the epidemic we moved some of our activities onto online social networks, and offered the general public online viewings of our archive recordings. During the year, however, we hope to be able to stage our programme in the theatre in front of live audiences.

Ljubljana Dance Theatre offers students contact or perhaps even their first encounter with modern dance, and through the performances it leads them through fascinating stories and experiences.

Contact information:
Website: www.ptl.si
Email: info@ptl-lj.si
Telephone: 01 430 83 44
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PTLjubljana/
Instagram: plesniteaterljubljana