Medicohealth Gym

The new Medicohealth Gym workout centre has been designed to bring exercise closer to all with the help of a team of the best experts in this area: personal trainers, kinesiologists, physical therapists, nutritionists, genetics specialists, and psychologists, who share and complement each other’s expertise. Surrounded by good company you’ll realise that the path to a healthy and nicely toned body has never been so much fun! Join our hit workout classes – Indoor Cycling, HIITMe, IronMax, Bootyboom, One2Sweat, Metabolic, Yogalates, Pilates, Healthy Spine, BSmartFit, Vital Mum, or Golden Years – or opt for a personal trainer and finally take good care of yourself.

Medicohealth Gym team

Fifteen group workout classes, fifteen trainers and a total of over thirty hours of workout per week. Medicohealth Gym offers a wide variety of personal trainers, instructors and highly qualified staff specialising in sports, nutrition, kinesiology, physical therapy and rehabilitation. A series of special benefits are available for students. Medicohealth Gym has just celebrated its first anniversary. At its practically brand new facilities, the number of clients is limited to eleven in the gym and fifteen in the indoor cycling hall. This allows a safe workout away from large crowds, which is an excellent choice given the current COVID-19 situation.

Medicohealth Gym is especially well suited for students, because most of its staff includes young highly qualified individuals. In addition, it offers a wide variety of special student benefits.

The Medicohealth Gym team is composed of established trainers, kinesiologists, nutritionists and genetics specialists, whose experience and expertise will help your body reach its absolute potential. The centre offers a series of new and varied group workout classes, as well as activities that are customised for both athletes and the amateurs based on genetic analysis. The warm and relaxed Medicohealth Gym ambiance will make you feel at home, because our work is based on a personal and friendly approach at the highest professional level.

Contact information:
Tel.: +386 (0) 40 549 601