Museum and Galleries of the City of Ljubljana 

The Museum and Galleries of the City of Ljubljana (MGML) is the biggest museum and gallery platform in the city. It comprises the City Museum, the City Art Gallery, the Jakopič Gallery, Gallery Vžigalica, Bežigrad Galleries 1 and 2, the Tobačna 001 Cultural Centre, the Plečnik House, Emona Archaeological Park, Ivan Cankar Memorial Room and the Župančič Memorial Collection. These will soon be joined by Cukrarna, the former sugar refinery. Our product range encompasses everything from festivals of modern ideas to the oldest wooden wheel in the world.

City Art Gallery Ljubljana.

Our locations offer a live and current range of museum and gallery attractions suitable for anyone exploring who we are and where we are going. The exhibitions in the galleries and museum regularly feature in the KUL season ticket programme, while the latest project aimed at students is the M_oder, where youn can present your seminar, diploma or master’s thesis to the general public. The majority of events or exhibitions are free or reduced price for students.

Step through the life of the city!

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Contact information:
Telephone: 01 24 12 506
Facebook: @muzejgalerije, @mestni.muzej.ljubljana, @PlecnikHouse, @JakopicGalerija, @VzigalicaGalerija, @mestna.galerija.ljubljana, @tobacna.001, @bezigrajskagalerija1in2, @roglab.ljubljana, @emona.arheopark 
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