The Slovenian Cinematheque

The Slovenian Cinematheque (Slovenska kinoteka) is a museum of film, a place that enables us to view films and think about them beyond the latest demands of the market, taste, predictions and expectations.

Alongside screenings in the Silvan Furlan theatre, The Slovenian Cinematheque pursues activities in four departments: the film programme, archives, museum and research/publishing, which provides for one of the best-stocked film libraries in Slovenia.

The Slovenian Cinematheque also issues the film and television magazine Ekran. In Divača, Slovenska kinoteka maintains a Museum of Slovenian Film Actors, with two permanent exhibitions.

We offer: 

  • admission to film screenings (classics, experimental films, documentaries, films with live music accompaniment, animated films and more)
  • hosting of various film festivals
  • round tables and talks about film
  • special film library and video library
  • film museum
  • Museum of Slovenian Film Actors in Divača
  • the film and television magazine Ekran
  • various publications in the area of film
  • film workshops
  • Kinotečnik, the programme brochure

Due to the extraordinary times, the Slovenian Cinematheque is limited to seating 47 people, who must wear a mask in the theatre and practice social distancing. If there is any tightening of restrictions we will follow the recommendations of the National Institute of Public Health.

We are the only museum cinema in Slovenia where you can see classic films in their original format. The carefully selected film and accompanying programme guides us to think, dream and live film more easily.

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