Student Employment E-service

The Student Employment E-service is the largest student employment agency in Slovenia. It is an important link between employers seeking staff and high-school and university students, for whom this is an opportunity to make their first contact with the labour market. Young people are thus able to gain important work experience and take the first steps in developing their careers.

You, too, have the opportunity to choose between jobs that are attractive, varied, innovative and well paid.

Remember that even simple jobs can help you develop basic skills that may come useful in a completely different field of work or life situation.

Have you ever wondered about all the things that the profession of a waiter and that of a pharmacist have in common? The former serves you in a restaurant and the latter in a pharmacy, and both work with people in a similar way.

Where to look for a job?

Visit for the largest offer of jobs for high-school and university students in Slovenia.

Become one of the many young people gaining work experience, while securing an income and developing their independence and ability to support themselves.