Student psychosocial counselling service

The psychosocial counselling service provides free and anonymous counselling to University of Ljubljana students who find themselves in stressful situations.

Psychosocial counselling supports students who are facing various problems (related to relationships, studies, etc.) and who want to address:

  •  (everyday) issues that they would like to talk through with someone,
  • distressing and unpleasant experiences,
  • what further steps they would like to take (related to a specific problem or life in general, independence, intimate relationships, coping with isolation, etc.),
  • how to cope with painful experiences in the past,
  • difficulties in achieving goals, problems with motivation, how to take action, etc.
  • how to improve communication and relationships (with their partners, authority figures, children, parents, etc.), how to be more assertive.

Counselling is also available to anyone who is merely curious or would simply like to chat about themselves and receive some feedback. Counsellors are available both live and online.

Counselling is free and available on short notice (the first meeting takes place within 14 days at the latest).

Contact information: