Visit Trampoline Park WOOP! or WOOP! karting for an unforgettable adrenaline experience

Trampoline park WOOP! offers a completely new experience of jumping, socializing and sports activities. On more than a hundred trampolines, you will learn what real fun in the air is, and in addition, there are other attractions waiting for you in the park, with the help of which you will push your physical and mental boundaries. These are the game wall, a trampoline field, a space for basketball, a gymnastic cave with foam, a trampoline wall, a tower with an inflatable cushion, a trapeze and more. The park will definitely invigorate your everyday life. In addition, jumping has also been shown to increase the circulation of oxygen in the body, making it easier for you to concentrate, improve mental performance, and learn faster.

Karting center WOOP! offers a completely new karting experience. A special feature is the multi-level track with slopes that allow driving in two levels. In addition, a special integrated platform for the visitors and spectators takes you to the heart of the go-krat action itself. The go-kart line (average time is approx. 30 seconds per lap), is enriched with light effects that conjure up a feeling of even greater speed and an unforgettable experience. RIMO's latest electric go-karts are also available, enabling safe and adrenaline-fueled driving in various speed classes. The faster you are, the faster you will be able to drive, and on special occasions, you will also enjoy the sound of the V8 engine. We have also prepared a variety of racing programs for you - from GRAND PRIX tournaments to leagues. A perseverance races are also coming soon.